Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sonny Chatrath - Indian American Actor, Host, and Amateur Chef.

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Iraade Moum Ke

A hindi film about a woman's dream of starting a restaurant business. A story that explores whether she has what it takes to achieve her goals.
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9 Eleven

The film portrays the life of 10 people who belong to different walks of life. Though each individual has achieved a measure of success in their individual lives, their darkest secrets come out in the open when all of them are given some time for introspection, when they meet each other in a bizarre twist of events. They realize that their lives are inter-woven and this literally shakes up their peaceful lives. Terrorized to the core by an unknown entity in an unfamiliar place, each individual is petrified and is hesitant to talk or take each other into confidence for one simple reason....The Fear of the Unknown.  
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The Spirit of Mumbai

When Bollywood's most famous actress, Rani Deol, is kidnapped from a Limo driven by ex-con, Arjun Dutta, sparks fly as Dutta fights to save the actress.

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pyar Mein Kyun

Pyar Mein Kyun is the story of Sarah and Abhay, who use their natural charm and beauty to attract each other for reasons other than love, then genuinely fall in love head over heels or do they? Do they live happily thereafter? Romance may have run its course but does the love that develops between Sarah and Abhay stay alive? Does it thrive in the hopes of a happier ending to the romantic thriller?
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5M: A Silent Film That Screams

5M is a tale of greed, lust, deception and crime in Silent films genre. 5M is bound to take you on one bumpy, yet an exciting ride.
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